Planning Your Party: Step #2

 Step 2: Invite Your Guests   
     Now that you have your theme chosen and your venue secured, it’s time to get those invitations into the hands of your guests.  Great planning will be a waste if you don’t have guests to attend!
     Create your list of possible guests and send out invites at least two to three weeks in advance.  Be sure to include the following on your invitations: who the party is for, the party theme, location, date and time, as well as your contact info for rsvps.  You may want to add a map and directions on the back of the invitation or include a separate sheet.
     Don’t forget to let parents know if you want them to stay for the party if you need a little extra supervision – a great way to say this is “Parents welcome to stay”.  And remember, it's perfectly acceptable to call your guests to make sure they received their invitation and if the plan to attend.  

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